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Automatic scale augmented with sensors and GSM connectivity.
Feed represents more than 60% of the cost of raising a chicken, to which must be added the cost of gas.
The accuracy of slaughter weight estimation is essential to improve your income.
The Ascagramme+ GSM helps you with daily and precise weighings.
Measuring temperature, humidity and CO2 throughout the day allows you to optimize your heating.

Easy to use, the Ascagramme+ GSM does all these measurements automatically without configuration or growth curve. The data is visible on the screen or with the smartphone application updated in real time. Indirectly, Ascagramme+ GSM reduces farmers’ joint, respiratory and dermatological problems. Gain efficiency and precision. Ascagramme+ GSM supports you to support your profitability and efficiency.

Balance automatique volaille et canard

Acheter balance pour élevage volaille


The poultry triggers automatic weighing by stepping on the scale. The weights are recorded and analyzed statistically. You know the average weight, the number of weighings, the average weights of heavy and light animals, the median weight, the maximum and minimum weight.
By putting an end to manual weighing, you gain working time and physical condition. Ascagram + weighs, measures environmental data and transmits them by GSM. The data is visible on your Smartphone or PC. It helps you plan when to mulch, when to treat poultry or adapt food distribution. For ducks, an automatic arm allows efficient chain weighing.

Balance automatique volaille et canard
Balance automatique volaille et canard optez pour le meilleur de l'élevage

The data is recorded automatically, allowing a comparative study of batches. You also have a positive influence on the animal’s health by limiting the stress created when you catch poultry. Indirectly, Ascagram reduces joint, respiratory and dermatological problems among farmers. Gain efficiency and precision!

Entirely made of stainless steel, it is easy to clean. A simple 230V socket is sufficient for its operation. It is suitable for all poultry from 100g to 15kg. No settings, it does not use a growth curve.


Balance automatique volaille et canard


Primary indicator for monitoring the growth and health of animals. Daily weighing, automatic, permanently consultable and effortless defines the GMQ, a major asset to your efficiency.

Balance automatique volaille et canard


The “ascagri” app easily retrieves all scale data on your smartphone. You share the data and easily send it to your contacts.

Balance automatique volaille et canard


In the open air the CO2 concentration is 400 ppm. For animal welfare it is important to guarantee a CO2 level below 3,000 ppm.

Logiciel pilotage à distance élevage volaille


Remotely monitor temperature and humidity. Poultry require high temperatures, it is recommended to have more than 30°C at start-up and around 20°C at 35 days with a humidity level between 50 and 75%.


Any deviation from the high and low thresholds for temperature, humidity and CO2 measurements is highlighted by notifications.

Balance automatique volaille et canard


The Ascagramme + connected scale is the supervision solution adapted to your farms, storage areas and silos. In addition to automatically weighing your poultry, it checks the parameters of your facilities (temperatures, humidity, gas composition, fire) and can manage infrared cameras to secure your animals or your premises from theft or animal-related risks.

Also available with battery option.
Thanks to the mobile application, monitor the essential ADG (Average Daily Gain) on farms and easily communicate the data acquired in long-term monitoring by PDF export & sending of statements.

Get more clarity on your operation.
It gives you the possibility of being informed in real time to intervene remotely on the systems as soon as possible and to follow the history of interventions and programming.

Significant advantages.
Reduces mortality and stress for your animals. Limits your travel and your stress as a result: improves working conditions. Ensures the proper functioning of your installations.

*Compatible with Ascamate

Balance automatique volaille et canard
Acheter balance pour élevage volaille


“With Ascagramme + we save 2 hours per week per henhouse. For the entire farm that represents one day of work per week”

Benôit T.

Eleveur près du Mans

I have been using Ascagri and their solutions for several years now and I have never been disappointed. My performance is much better.

Valérie Robin Gaec

BIOAvenir à Spay (72)

Acheter balance pour élevage volaille